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Renée Zellweger: I AM Judy

#FemaleMasters Renee Zellweger’s Oscar-worthy performance in Judy directed by Rupert Goold was always a risky renaissance for the Academy-award winning actor, who left the Hollywood spotlight for six years. She discusses how she embodied the legend’s iconic voice and character and got her own voice back.

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Kimberly Peirce: I AM Boys Don't Cry

#FemaleMasters On the 20th anniversary of her break-out directorial debut, Kimberly Peirce gave a candid interview about how Boys Don’t Cry became the indie-phenomenon that changed the landscape for independent filmmaking—and her truth about being a female director in Hollywood today.

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I AM Alfonso Cuarón: Roma

Roma is Alfonso Cuarón’s next masterpiece, following his Academy Award-winning blockbuster Gravity, which won this year’s Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion.

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